Protect Your Equipment With Best-In-Class Durability And Performance

Developed with the highest commitment to quality and effectiveness, our films will shield your fleet equipment against road debris and harmful agents without changing its look. Our breakthrough “self-healing” technology allows our films to repair themselves from scratches and swirl marks.

Our industrial-grade paint protection films allow you to have the same performance and durability at a price that fits your budget. Our software includes patterns for industrial vehicles and equipment, such as tractors and cargo trucks. Our paint protection films can also be sold in bulk roles, precut kits, or a turnkey installed product at a lower price.

We Will Create The Product That You Need

Our professional team of designers and installers can create custom solutions for your company. Whether you need a special pattern or installation services to cover your entire fleet, DCMWTS can provide the services that you need. If the product that you need doesn't exist, we will create it for you. We are leaders in providing turnkey solutions for agricultural, industrial, chemical, and cargo companies.

Unparalleled Training

Superior Quality

XPEL is synonymous with quality in the paint protection industry. No other brand has such an extensive design and testing process. Our patterns are developed by hand, digitally rendered into our custom software, and then tested as many as seven times on the vehicle. Backed by our extensive warranties.


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